Art director, designer of books, illustrator, hand-letterer, and an all-around nice person.

Sarah Smith grew up on the north shore of Long Island, and went to art school in NYC. She started out her career as a web designer, but made the switch from web to print, at a time when most print designers were trying to make a switch to web. After a few years freelancing, she was hired at Random House, and later became an art director there. Her passion for the tactile led her to start a small letterpress company in 2009. She left Random House after almost 8 years to focus on Smith Letterpress, but wound up designing at Workman Publishing after filling in for someone on maternity leave. Three years later, she was hired as art director at a small independent book publisher called The Experiment, where she designed covers and interiors for a variety of non fiction titles. She enjoys being in the company of animals, exploring the outdoors, playing tennis, naps, and brunch. She lives in Montclair, NJ. with her cat, Clementine.

She is available for select freelance jobs:

- book covers
- illustrated, heavily designed book interiors
- hand-lettering
- illustrations
- pet-sitting

For more information, or to say hello, get in touch here.